Vegetable Powder

Beet Root Powder

Approx Price: Rs 135 / Piece(s) 
We are the best firm off ring Beet Root Powder as per our clients. These are a rich source of natural sugar along with containing sodium, potassium, phosphorus, chlorine, iodine, iron and various important vitamins. These are used for therapeutic purposes and can be used as a flavor in various food items. Also the price range that we offer is highly affordable and convenient for our clients. The packaging that we offer is safe and reliable.


  • Multiple health benefits
  • Provides flavor
  • Rich source of natural sugar

Carrot Powder

Approx Price: Rs 200 / Pack(s) 
We are one of the reliable firms offering Carrot Powder to our clients. It is an excellent source of vitamins B and C as well as calcium pectate, an extraordinary pectin fiber that has been found to have cholesterol lowering properties. They are also known to cleanse the intestines and to be diuretic, re-mineralizing, anti-diarrhea, an overall tonic and anti-anemic. Our excellent manufacturing process of the product is done using latest techniques and highly tested components.


  • Good for liver
  • Prevents from diarrhea
  • Anti-anemic

Bitter Gourd Powder

Approx Price: Rs 300 / Pack(s) 
We are one of the reliable firms offering Bitter Gourd Powder to our clients. It is also used to heal wounds, assist childbirth and prevent or treat malaria and viral diseases such as measles and chicken pox. Our quality experts supervise the manufacturing of the product in order to meet the requirements of our clients. Our reputed and precious clients can avail the product range in the most affordable price range.


  • Treats malaria and anti viral diseases
  • Treats skin problems
  • Relives menstrual pain

Spinach Powder

Approx Price: Rs 150 / Pack(s) 
Owing to rich industrial experience, we offer Spinach Powder to our clients. This powder is a rich source of protein and several important vitamins and minerals, including vitamin K, vitamin A, manganese, magnesium, iron, vitamin C, calcium, potassium, foliate and other B vitamins. It contains anti-oxidants that reduces inflammation in the body, lower cancer and heart disease risk, preserve vision, and boost immune system function.


  • Treats heart diseases
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Boosts immune system

Other Details:

  • Aids in eyesight and prevents cataracts
  • Lowers Blood Pressure
  • High Amounts of Easily Digestible Protein
  • Very high in Calcium and Vitamin K
  • High in Potassium, Manganese, Iron, and Zinc
  • Prevents and Reverses Aging
  • Boosts Immune System and Cures Ulcers
  • Contains high amounts of folate, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin B
  • Lowers risk of Heart Attacks and Fights Cancer
  • Aids the Liver

Tomato Powder

Approx Price: Rs 300 / Pack(s) 
Tomato Powder contains Lycopene, A natural antioxidants and it has been shown by preliminar studies to be protective against several age-related diseases such as colorectal, prostate, breast, endometrial, lung, and pancreatic cancers, as well as some cardiovascular diseases.

Tomato powder addition in the food had a 26% risk reduction of death by prostate cancer.

Lycopene which is main ingredient in Tomato powder had a 31% reduction in their risk of pancreatic cancer.

Tomato Powder is also a very good source of dietary fiber, which has been shown to reduce "bad" cholesterol levels, regulate blood sugar levels.

Tomatoes contain important amounts of niacin, vitamin B6, and folate, which are strongly related to a reduction in heart disease risk. Niacin has been used for years as a safe way to lower high cholesterol levels, while potassium has been proven to lower high blood pressure and reduce the risk of heart disease.

The presence of inflammatory markers such as TNF-alpha have been correlated to nearly all chronic degenerative diseases, such as atherosclerosis, cardiovascular disease, several cancers, osteoporosis and Alzheimer's disease.

Peppermint Leaf Powder

Approx Price: Rs 300 / Pack(s) 
Natural dried, Peppermint Leaf Powder - INCI (Mentha piperita). It is believed that some stomach discomfort and nervousness can be relieved by drinking tea made with equal parts of spearmint and peppermint leaves and honey. Peppermint contains the active ingredient, menthol, which is thought to loosen phlegm and soothe coughs. Peppermint tea is believed to relieve the pressure caused by migraine headaches. Peppermint leaves are frequently added to eye pillow formulas to assist in relieving headaches. Since peppermint produces a cooling and numbing affect on the skin, it is sometimes used in body cream formulations to help with skin irritations.


  • Peppermint leaf powder can be used in natural bath tea recipes
  • Peppermint leaf powder can be used in soap recipes
  • Peppermint leaf powderr can be used in the formulation of natural herbal waters
  • Peppermint leaf powder can be infused and used in lotions, creams, and ointment recipes.
  • Peppermint leaf powder can be added to facial mask recipes.
  • Peppermint leaf powder can be used in scrubs
  • Peppermint leaf powder can be used bath salt recipes
  • Peppermint leaf powder can be used in bath bomb recipes
  • Peppermint leaf powder can be used in eye pillow recipes
  • Peppermint leaf powder can be infused and used in shampoo and conditioner recipes
  • Peppermint leaf powder can be infused and used as a face tonic

Fenugreek Leaves Powder

Approx Price: Rs 350 / Kilogram(s) 
Fenugreek or methi leaves are very rich in vitamins and minerals and they get easily absorbed by the body. Some major ingredients include calcium, potassium, phosphorus, iron and dietary fiber in its naturally occurring form as in other vegetables. The availability of vitamin K is as good as spinach. The protein rich fenugreek leaves can be treated as a wonder herb. 100gms of fenugreek leaves contribute to about 50 calories of energy.

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